OmniServ partnered with London Heathrow Airport to introduce new range of multi-passenger electric vehicles


11 January 2019

Airport assistance service provider OmniServ has partnered with London Heathrow Airport (LHR) in the UK to introduce a new range of multi-passenger electric vehicles designed to help passengers with disabilities to move through the airport’s terminal buildings. The Multimobby can carry up to seven people plus an operator and is made by Netherlands-based company Special Mobility, which already supplies specialist equipment designed for airport use. The new electric movers can handle up to three wheelchairs at once and provide an innovative and efficient method of transportation for passengers. Jonathan Coen, director of customer relations and service at LHR, said: “We are committed to improving the journeys of all of our passengers – no matter their requirements. An airport the size of Heathrow can be difficult to manoeuvre through and these Multimobbys will make a real difference to our passengers requiring assistance, particularly those with mobility issues or disabilities. The introduction of technology such as Multimobbys forms part of our wider efforts to transform our assistance service – including investing GBP 23 million in an upgraded contract with OmniServ – and help us deliver the high levels of passenger service people have rightly come to expect from us.” Samantha Berry, head of innovation and regulatory compliance at OmniServ, added: “The new Multimobby vehicles are part of a major investment we are making in new equipment and technologies, which is being backed with in-depth training for our staff that will help us deliver on that promise.” Heathrow, OmniServ and Special Mobility worked together to design a customised version of the Multimobby people mover to Heathrow’s requirements, including the ability to fit in the airport’s lifts and a space to attach a wheelchair.

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