Astrotech announced that its explosives trace detector passed the ECAC’s common evaluation process


21 December 2018

US-based Astrotech has announced that its explosives trace detector (ETD) has passed the European Civil Aviation Conference’s (ECAC) common evaluation process (CEP) for airport checkpoint screening of passengers. Known as the TRACER 1000, the explosives trace detector is said to be the first mass spectrometry-based ETD to have passed ECAC’s laboratory testing protocol. After receiving formal certification, Astrotech plans to start offering TRACER 1000 to airports worldwide. In January 2018, the TRACER 1000 was accepted by ECAC into the European evaluation process for security screening in airports. TRACER 1000 can detect a number of substances that include peroxides, explosive materials, and drugs such as fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine. Equipped with CONOPS and standard swab sampling mechanism, the detector has been designed to substitute the current generation of IMS-based explosives trace detectors currently used at airports and cargo inspection depots, among other facilities.

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