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US Environmental Protection Agency awarded a USD 541,817 grant to Massachusetts Port Authority
11 January 2019
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded a USD 541,817 grant to the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) to replace diesel-powered GSE operating at Boston Logan Airport (BOS). The grant is made available under a competitive national grant programme administered by EPA with funding authorised by the US Congress under the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA). EPA has also announced the availability of grant funding to implement projects aimed at reducing emissions from the nation’s existing fleet of older diesel engines. The Massachusetts Port Authority was awarded the EPA grant to replace 25 pieces of diesel-powered ground support equipment with all-electric versions operating at BOS. The equipment includes baggage tractors, belt loaders and push back tugs. Once fully implemented, this project will result in annual emissions reductions of 0.5 t of PM2.5 and 4.5 t of NOx. Since 2011, EPA has awarded a total of USD 2.175 million to Massport for projects to reduce diesel emissions at Logan Airport and within greater Boston. The EPA grant will be matched by a Massport contribution of USD 622,221. EPA New England Regional Administrator, Alexandra Dunn, said: “EPA is very pleased that this funding will help our partner Massport to reduce diesel emissions at the region’s largest airport, providing cleaner air for both travellers and workers. Reducing diesel emissions helps to improve air quality and protects people's health. This project will significantly reduce diesel emissions, meaning cleaner air for everyone. Reducing diesel emissions is especially important for children, and for people who suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems.”
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Royal Schiphol Group is investing in new electric ground equipment for aircraft handling purposes
11 January 2019
In the Netherlands, the Royal Schiphol Group is investing in new electric ground equipment for aircraft handling purposes and is now using several electric ground power units (E-GPU). The purchase of the E-GPUs dovetails with the ‘Smart & Sustainable’ action plan and the climate agreement by reducing the CO2 emissions of Dutch airports. Schiphol has designed the mobile E-GPUs in collaboration with ITW GSE and Nissan. After undergoing successful testing at the airport, five of these units are now used by Schiphol. Eindhoven Airport, Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Brisbane Airport, in which Schiphol also has an interest, have all commissioned one E-GPU. The E-GPUs are used for aircraft which are on an apron rather than directly at the terminal. As a result, they supplement the Fixed Electrical Ground Power (FEGP), which is used to handle aircraft at 73 of the 127 permanent aircraft stands at Schiphol.
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Semcon will devise smart ways to clear snow from landing lights using autonomous vehicles
11 January 2019
Gothenburg, Sweden-based Semcon has reported that it is devising smart ways to clear snow from landing lights using autonomous vehicles. The aim is to allow more airports to stay open by using technology to automate a time-consuming job that currently has to be carried out manually. Anne Piegsa, technical project manager at Semcon, commented: “It may seem like a little thing, but runways are shut down if 15% of their lights are disabled – and that results in significant delays and costs money. There are major benefits to be gained by using autonomous solutions here, not least when it comes to enhancing the safety of both aircraft and personnel.” This project is being implemented by Semcon in partnership with Lundberg Hymas which is converting its tractor to operate autonomously. After conversion, it will be possible to steer the vehicles remotely from a traffic management centre developed by Yeti Snow Technology, and it will be possible to interrupt the clearing of snow, for example, to allow an aircraft to land. Extreme vehicle precision is required, and the vehicle has to be able to operate in all weathers – these factors present a challenge. Semcon has previous experience of projects involving similar situations, working with Yeti Snow Technology, a company co-owned with Øveraasen. A successful solution for keeping entire runways clear of snow using autonomous snowploughs was demonstrated in Norway last spring. “Smart automation of airports will make it possible to keep more of the smaller, less busy airports open and retain staff thanks to reduced costs and increased safety,” Anne Piegsa said. The technology is being developed by Semcon for LFV, the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration, as part of its AVAP project, Autonomous Vehicles for AirPorts. Husqvarna, RISE, FlyPulse, Swedavia and Combitech are also working on various subprojects as part of this initiative.
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OmniServ partnered with London Heathrow Airport to introduce new range of multi-passenger electric vehicles
11 January 2019
Airport assistance service provider OmniServ has partnered with London Heathrow Airport (LHR) in the UK to introduce a new range of multi-passenger electric vehicles designed to help passengers with disabilities to move through the airport’s terminal buildings. The Multimobby can carry up to seven people plus an operator and is made by Netherlands-based company Special Mobility, which already supplies specialist equipment designed for airport use. The new electric movers can handle up to three wheelchairs at once and provide an innovative and efficient method of transportation for passengers. Jonathan Coen, director of customer relations and service at LHR, said: “We are committed to improving the journeys of all of our passengers – no matter their requirements. An airport the size of Heathrow can be difficult to manoeuvre through and these Multimobbys will make a real difference to our passengers requiring assistance, particularly those with mobility issues or disabilities. The introduction of technology such as Multimobbys forms part of our wider efforts to transform our assistance service – including investing GBP 23 million in an upgraded contract with OmniServ – and help us deliver the high levels of passenger service people have rightly come to expect from us.” Samantha Berry, head of innovation and regulatory compliance at OmniServ, added: “The new Multimobby vehicles are part of a major investment we are making in new equipment and technologies, which is being backed with in-depth training for our staff that will help us deliver on that promise.” Heathrow, OmniServ and Special Mobility worked together to design a customised version of the Multimobby people mover to Heathrow’s requirements, including the ability to fit in the airport’s lifts and a space to attach a wheelchair.
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BEUMER Group signed agreement with the Aruba Airport Authority
11 January 2019
BEUMER Group has signed an agreement with the Aruba Airport Authority for the design and installation of a USD 33 million, high-speed baggage transportation and sortation system at Aruba’s Queen Beatrix International Airport (AUA). The installation, which includes BEUMER’s residential programme for on-site operation and maintenance, is part of the airport’s Gateway 2030 expansion and modernisation programme. The baggage handling system (BHS) features a tote-based CrisBag® high speed baggage transportation and sortation system, with integration to a full TSA-compliant EDS screening system with in-tote screening functionality, and a Baggage Image Weight Identification System (BIWIS) to streamline the airport’s US pre-clearance process. The new system will eliminate the requirement to reclaim checked luggage and undergo a second passenger screening process which presently is in place for US travellers. Additionally, the new system will allow US and non-US bound flights to operate from a common-use check-in facility. Aruba Airport handles approximately 2.8 million passengers annually, with 67% coming from the US.
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New device invented by scientists led by the Australian National University
21 December 2018
A team of scientists led by the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, has invented a new device with advanced sensing functions that can help improve airport security. Produced using ultra-compact structures known as metasurfaces, the device is capable of controlling the direction of electromagnetic waves. The new device can be equipped to airport security cameras to expedite passenger processing at airports and help reduce waiting times. The lead researcher at the ANU’s Research School of Physics and Engineering Nonlinear Physics Centre, Dr Mingkai Liu, said: “This device can sense the entire environment surrounding it with unprecedented precision. Previously, multiple fixed sensors pointing towards different directions would be required to achieve this. These future cameras could identify hazardous devices or dangerous chemicals in people’s carry-on baggage when they walk through an airport without needing them to queue up and go through the various procedures that are necessary now.” The research has already led to a proof-of-concept prototype device and provisional patent. The research team will continue to develop the device so that it is ready to be commercialised and manufactured on a larger scale.
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Astrotech announced that its explosives trace detector passed the ECAC’s common evaluation process
21 December 2018
US-based Astrotech has announced that its explosives trace detector (ETD) has passed the European Civil Aviation Conference’s (ECAC) common evaluation process (CEP) for airport checkpoint screening of passengers. Known as the TRACER 1000, the explosives trace detector is said to be the first mass spectrometry-based ETD to have passed ECAC’s laboratory testing protocol. After receiving formal certification, Astrotech plans to start offering TRACER 1000 to airports worldwide. In January 2018, the TRACER 1000 was accepted by ECAC into the European evaluation process for security screening in airports. TRACER 1000 can detect a number of substances that include peroxides, explosive materials, and drugs such as fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine. Equipped with CONOPS and standard swab sampling mechanism, the detector has been designed to substitute the current generation of IMS-based explosives trace detectors currently used at airports and cargo inspection depots, among other facilities.
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Minsait completed deployment of its biometric border control systems at Madrid and Malaga Airports
21 December 2018
Indra company, Minsait, has completed the deployment of its biometric border control systems (Automatic Border Control - ABC System) at Madrid and Malaga Airports in Spain, which will speed up the passage of legal age citizens of the European Economic Area who pass through them from non-EU countries. In addition, installation of the solution in Ibiza is planned to be completed by the end of 2018. The company has rolled out a total of 118 systems at these two airports, in addition to those previously deployed in Barcelona, Girona, Palma de Mallorca, Alicante, and Tenerife Sur. The sum total, including the port of Algeciras, which installed this system in 2015, and the next one, at Ibiza Airport, will amount to 261 installations.
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LS Logistic Solutions and Goldhofer opened joint representative office and regional logistics centre in Dubai
21 December 2018
ALS Logistic Solutions and Goldhofer have opened a joint representative office and regional logistics centre in Dubai. Continuous expansion to its sales and service network is Goldhofer’s strategy for moving ever closer to its customers. In response to the recent increases in demand for internal airport logistics in the Middle East & Africa region, the market leader for heavy-duty and special transport GSE vehicles opened the new Dubai sales and service centre for its Airport Technology division in collaboration with ALS Logistic Solutions on 11 December 2018. According to the companies, the commercial capital of the United Arab Emirates is the ideal location for a centralised sales, service and logistics facility since the facility will provide shorter response times to customer enquiries, quicker parts deliveries, as well as offer a wide range of training courses for customers. In addition to covering all sales and service activities for the Airport Technology division, the new location is also designed to provide services for the Transport Technology division in the region.
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Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics and Gaussin Manugistique signed exclusive agreement
21 December 2018
Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics (SPPAL) and the French engineering company Gaussin Manugistique have signed an exclusive agreement for the global commercialisation of autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) for the transportation of unit load devices (ULDs) at airports. SPPAL will contribute its conveyor technologies and baggage handling solutions, and Gaussin is bringing its innovative automated vehicles to the table. Through the cooperation with Gaussin, Siemens will expand its turnkey offering to also include AGV solutions for ULDs. AGVs are set to improve transportation flows at large airports. That leads to higher productivity, thereby shortening the time needed to process ULDs with baggage or cargo. An added benefit is that airlines can optimally use the time periods that aircrafts spend on the ground. AGV solutions are extremely robust, making it easier to transport heavy loads. A design based on a modular platform allows airports to expand their AGV fleet as capacity requirements change over time.
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News Archive

Leonardo to look after all BHS at Rome-Fiumicino and Rome Ciampino Airport
Perth Airport in Australia started testing sleeping pods at its Terminal 1
Merger of Siemens Digital Logistics GmbH, LOCOM Software GmbH, and LOCOM Consulting GmbH completed
Houlberg Instrumentering to supply iLane.evo to Aalborg Airport
Cardiff Airport plans to trial a super-sensitive passenger scanning system
Apstec Systems™ to install its Human Security Radar (HSR®) at Ankara Esenboğa Airport
Melbourne Airport signed agreement to trial Smiths Detection’s CT based checkpoint scanner system
Gemalto partnered with leading US airline to trial biometric boarding gates at LA International Airport
Van Don International Airport in Quang Ninh to operate its first flight in December 2018
Telia Company together with airport operator Finavia launched 5G network at Helsinki Airport
London Heathrow Airport announced partnership with Denmark-based company, Copenhagen Optimisation
New long-term supply contract in the baggage security screening market for Kromek
San Francisco International Airport unveiled new state-of-the-art checkpoint technology
Aebi Schmidt Holding to supply Beijing’s new Daxing Int. Airport with 34 cleaning machines
Wilcox Ground Services provides custom-built ground support solutions for airports and airline companies worldwide.
Bright Light Systems supplied high-mast LED lighting for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int. Airport
Electric ground support equipment (eGSE) best option for Piedmont Airlines
Denver Int. Airport announced opening of new, free bag drop service at its shuttle parking lots
India’s Kempegowda International Airport introduced fully automated baggage drop-off system
Aruba Airport Authority signed contract with BEUMER Group for new high-speed BHS
Passengers to be questioned by artificial intelligence (AI)-powered lie detectors at border checkpoints
Carrasco Airport to offer travellers a single token curb-to-gate boarding experience
John Wayne Airport installed AirEL’s illuminated identification numbers
TotalKare developed bespoke modification to its T8DC wireless mobile column lifts
ADB SAFEGATE’s Safedock advanced visual docking guidance system at Southwest Florida Airport
4,000 new braked baggage trolleys for Auckland Airport
Emirates plans to launch the world’s first ‘biometric path’
Thyssenkrupp Elevator recently unveiled one of its biggest ever projects in the Middle East
Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics extended service contract covering Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport
Vanderlande’s future-proof baggage logistics solution FLEET has begun live operations
Heathrow Airport announced full-scale roll out of new biometric services from summer 2019
India’s government announced its policy for biometric processing at the country’s airports
China-headquartered BYD Co Ltd recently unveiled two new electric tow tractor models
UK Power Networks Services introduced the first electric vehicles & charge points into its fleet
HYDRO signed global distribution agreement with JB Roche (MFG) Ltd and Liftsafe Fall Protection Inc.
Shanghai Hongqiao to offer completely automated check-in and boarding services for domestic departures
Russia-based S7 Airlines implemented SITA’s Scan&Fly self-bag-drop technology at Moscow Domodedovo Airport
A further 15 of SITA's Scan&Fly self-service bag-drop units for Kuala Lumpur International Airport
SATS at Singapore Changi Airport committed to invest SGB 1 million in digitising its airport security system to enhance safety
Bristol Airport met deadline for installation of a series of new baggage-screening systems
Smart security lane with Automated Tray Retrieval System (ATRS) introduced at Kempegowda International Airport
Vestergaard Company received order from AeroMag for 19 Elephant® BETA Flex-liners
Autonomous snowploughs cleared snow from the runway at Fagernes Airport
Thyssenkrupp together with ARG1 Africa Ltd is bringing its airport mobility expertise to Kotoka Airport
NAVYA and Charlatte Manutention announced creation of subsidiary to develop autonomous tractor solutions
Technological revolution with the development of automation systems
Vanderlande completed installation of its BagStore early storage system at Moscow Domodedovo Airport
Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics completed installation of new self-service bag-drop facilities at Gatwick Airport
Delta Air Lines to launch first biometric terminal at Atlanta Airport
Smiths Detection received USD 70 million order from the US TSA
Hong Kong International Airport launched e-Security gates within Terminal 1
Four new passenger boarding bridges added at Austin–Bergstrom International Airport
Avinor to test two autonomous snowploughs at Oslo Airport
San Francisco International Airport partnered with ADB Safegate
Kempegowda Airport's second runway powered by ADB Safegate’s SafeLED airfield lighting
Aeris Holdings announced investment of USD 3.8 million in technology to reinforce security
Denver Int. Airport equipped its ticket counters with world’s largest installation of self-service equipment
Sydney Airport announced plans to reduce public PA announcements
Smiths Detection Inc. received order to supply its Radseeker detectors & identifiers at CBP ports of entry
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority unveiled new biometric screening system
Vision-Box and Kempegowda Airport (BLR) agreed to launch paperless biometric self-boarding technology
Nepal Airlines Corporation & Switzerland’s Unilode Aviation Solutions finalised five-year agreement
Florida-based STS Aviation Group launched STS GSE Services
Passengers departing from Dubai Int. Airport will soon have access to luggage shipping services for excess baggage
Brazil’s largest airline, GOL, is introducing new self-service bag-drop technology
BHS upgrade at Kota Kinabalu Int. Airport increased baggage handling efficiency by 70%
Idemia installed first MorphoFace biometric solution in Europe at Oslo Airport
US TSA plans to expand the use of computed tomography scanners at airport security checkpoints
Thales installed its latest end-to-end physical security system at Muscat International Airport
First specialist aircraft ground support vehicle delivered under new Cartwright GSE banner
WheelTug and Flydubai signed agreement to reserve up to 60 WheelTug systems for Flydubai’s fleet
Textron Ground Support Equipment Inc. announced availability of its new TUG Alpha 4
Leonardo-led consortium signed EUR 150 million contract to upgrade BHS at Zurich Airport
Vision-Box expanded its automated immigration control platform at Jorge Chávez International Airport
London Heathrow Airport is to trial new scanning technology
Smiths Detection to support the transition to Standard 3 at Helsinki Airport
Installation of 74 BORDERXPRESS™ kiosks at Pafos International and Larnaka International Airport
Germany’s Thyssenkrupp AG launched new airport solutions website
TaxiBot vehicles to be operated at New Delhi Indira Gandhi & Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Airport
ADB SAFEGATE launched new distributed control & monitoring solution for ALCMS
Arconas announced new distribution agreement with Studio TK
KLM set to trial luggage carrying robot at John F Kennedy and San Francisco International Airport
APS signed 10-year contract for luggage trolley management at Istanbul New Airport
Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics (SPPAL) secured major service contract in Dubai
China officially introduced human imaging device with millimetre wave technology into security checks
Sydney Airport in first stages of trialling ‘couch to gate’ facial recognition technology
Norton Consultants Pty Ltd has been awarded tender from Adelaide Airport Limited
Shell Aviation announced introduction of first-of-its-kind electric pump jet refuelling vehicle
Abu Dhabi International Airport launched new services
BHS@work, Leonardo's first international workshop, held in Rome in June
San Diego International Airport introduced Chauntry’s parking reservations platform
ParkCloud started offering its services at Thessaloniki Airport and Kavala Airport in Greece
1st Detect's TRACER 1000 accepted into European Evaluation Process for Security Screening in Airports
GOAA as chosen SITA as its technology partner for biometric exit at Orlando Int. Airport
Goldhofer’s ARTS 1 aircraft recovery system is being introduced at Guangzhou Baiyun Int. Airport
Seven Cardiac Emergency Resuscitation Stations installed at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
Incheon Int. Airport deployed SITA’s self-service bag drop technology at its new Terminal 2
SITA's BagJourney technology is managing baggage for an increasing number of the world's airlines
NAC renewed its contract with Rockwell Collins for ARINC Airport Solutions at Jacksons Int. Airport
Contract awarded to Bombardier’s Chinese joint venture by Shenzhen Bao'an Airportby
Why aren't robots handling airport baggage yet?
Cavotec has officially opened its new world-class production facility in Milan
Newbow Aerospace announced strategic cooperation agreement with Oakenhurst Aircraft Services
Air BP announced its new airfield automation technology
Lufthansa LEOS has been using the world’s first eTug at Frankfurt Airport since 2016
NEC Display Solutions of America has launched six new large-size UHD displays
Beumer Group UK completed installation of new reclaim carousel at Manchester Airport
Rockwell Collins’ ARINC vMUSE CUPPS introduced at Velana and Gan International Airport
Al Salem Johnson Controls revealed its cooling and security solutions for King Abdulaziz Int. Airport
Incheon International Airport deployed SITA’s self-service bag-drop technology at its new Terminal 2
Dubai Airports, Dubai Police, IATA and ACI sign MoU on Smart Security
OmniServ acquired fleet of seven Bulmor SideBull Ambulifts
BEUMER Group won the Innovation Award at the 2018 Airport Show in Dubai
ICM completed installation of four new hybrid self-service bag-drop units at Sydney Airport
Dammam Airports Company (DACO) signed contracts with Vanderlande and Serco Middle East
London Gatwick Airport is running a new biometrics trial using self-boarding gates
SPPAL is to supply a tray-based baggage-handling system and software at Suvarnabhumi Airport
New self-service bag drop system at Vancouver International Airport (YVR)
China developed AI-powered security inspection equipment that can speed up body checks
Unisys selected by US TSA to operate, maintain, & protect its security screening equipment
New border control experience designed by Vision-Box at Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport
Exruptive A/S signed distribution agreement with Angkasa Pura Supports
Fraport AG and IATA are carrying out joint study on virtual reality training tool for ground ops at FRA
ADB Safegate will implement its most advanced Safedock A-VDGS at Seattle-Tacoma Airport
New BHS from SPPAL commissioned for grand opening of Terminal 2 at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport
BEUMER Group's BHS successfully installed at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport
Mexico strengthens its border control with introduction of SITA’s Automated Border Control kiosks
Smiths Detection to provide multiple CTX 9800 DSiTM systems to the Airports Authority of India
Cavotec won breakthrough order for its next-generation of aircraft ground cooling systems
Pilot project with self-driving electric bus at Brussels Airport
TCR Group and Targa Telematics sign industry-wide agreement in Brussels
Goldhofer announced new order from China Eastern Airlines for 20 towbarless aircraft tow tractors
More than 80 new ambulifts delivered to a number of Spanish Airports by Air-Rail
Vanderlande received ‘Red Dot: Best of the Best’ design award for Fleet
Brussels Airport in Belgium has inaugurated its new triple passenger boarding bridge
Düsseldorf Airport is introducing advanced screening technology provided by Smiths Detection
Christchurch Airport to add new locally-built self-driving bus to its trial of fully autonomous vehicles
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol recently witnessed the launch of 100 new electric passenger buses
ITW GSE announced merging of its brands of AXA Power, Hobart, Houchin, Military & J&B Aviation
Japan’s ShinMaywa Industries developed new technology to position PBBs
Chandigarh Airport invited bids to install a third baggage handling facility
SITA to install 70 AirportConnect self-service check-in kiosks at Beijing Capital International Airport
Alstef to install new baggage-sorting system at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport
QPS200 from Rohde & Schwarz has been certified by the US TSA
Norway’s Fagernes Airport deployed self-driving snowploughs
London Gatwick Airport has partnered with autonomous vehicle software company Oxbotica
Fraport AG awarded EUR 300 million contract at Frankfurt Airport to bidding consortium
Las Vegas McCarran Airport renewed contract with Rockwell Collins
Arconas launched two new airport furniture solutions at Passenger Terminal Expo in Stockholm
BEUMER Group completed hand-over of new BHS to Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport
Lufthansa Group is using one-step biometric boarding at Los Angeles International Airport
Airports Authority of India expanded SITA’s baggage management solution to 15 airports
Vanderlande signed strategic baggage cooperative agreement with Vancouver Int. Airport
Dubai Airports to deploy robots to detect faces of wanted criminals
Saint John Airport adopted EhEye technology
Analogic to introduce its new checkpoint CT scanner at four airports across the world
GBP 1.8 million to boost airport security and to improve the screening process
Swedavia is introducing automated entry gates at the security checkpoints across Sweden
Flughafen Hamburg GmbH is renovating 330,000-m² Apron 1 with an investment of EUR 120 million
Dnata Australia signed long-term agreement with Adaptalift GSE
Hamad Int. Airport in Doha successfully completed IATA’s electronic bag tag (EBT) readability tests
Smiths Detection has won a USD 50 million order from Airports Authority of India
London Southend Airport became first UK airport to open a purpose built, centralised de-icing facility
Chicago O’Hare Airport to receive USD 640,000 grant from US federal Environmental Protection Agency
Solair Group LLC acquired Dallas, TX-based based GSE manufacturer JetMac
Overaasen AS has been awarded contract for 54 RS400 high-speed runway sweepers by PANYNJ
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America completed installation of its SkyConnect APM at Tampa Airport
Terminal 3 at Bergen Flesland Airport reports operational success with new BEUMER Group BHS
Flughafen München and Lufthansa begun testing humanoid robot called Josie Pepper
Xovis to install latest passenger monitoring solutions at Gold Coast Airport
Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics commissioned new BHS at Incheon Int. Airport
Smiths Detection contracted to upgrade the hold baggage scanners at Düsseldorf Airport
CDPQ and Ardian completed the acquisition of significant equity interest in GSE provider Alvest
Clariant announced that SABIC acquired a 24.99% stake in Clariant
ADB Safegate is set to deploy its A-VDGS and SAM solution at LaGuardia Airport
Inseego Corp. announced agreement with KLM Equipment Services
Tronair Inc. announced that Eagle Tugs released the new eJP-10 towbarless vehicle
Thyssenkrupp acquired aircraft gate docking systems division of Trelleborg, Sweden-based FMT
Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics awarded project at London Gatwick Airport
Hamburg Airport officially inaugurated its new self-service bag-drop kiosks
BEUMER Group awarded contract by Finavia for redundant BHS at Helsinki Airport
Global Net Solutions has unveiled S-Badge, its IoT-based identification card
Kuala Lumpur Int. Airport is testing radio-over-fibre FOD radar detection system
Houston Airport System launched new mobile incident command vehicle
CIMC developed unmanned intelligent passenger boarding bridge
ADB SAFEGATE to upgrade gate operations at Terminal 1 of Incheon International Airport
Vanderlande to present new baggage logistics solution, FLEET, at PTE 2018
Beumer Group reported start of operations of BHS installed in Terminal 4 at Singapore Changi Airport
Blip Systems implemented its BlipTrack queue management solution at Bergen Airport
Istanbul new airport plans to install security and inspection equipment made by Nuctech Company Limited
ParkCloud retained its contract with Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport
Schofield, WI-based Innovative Equipment introduced new scissor lift
A BEUMER Corporation’s CrisBag tote-based BHS to be installed at San Francisco Int. Airport
Dallas Love Field Airport launched its MIT system from Daifuku Airport Technologies
Ansir Systems has won contract for the installation of new BHS at Hawkes Bay Airport in Napier
ELS awarded BHS and PBB O&M contract at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
Vanderlande to supply BHS to new terminal at Taoyuan International Airport
Genetec unveiled its Airport Sense analytics solution
New runway lighting contract with Mexico City International Airport for OCEM
Airfield ground lighting solution from ADB SAFEGATE for Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
ADB SAFEGATE delivered four A-VDGS and a SAM System to Hamburg Airport
Visitors to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Japan will find airport “scattered” with robots
İGA Havalimanı İşletmesi announced the completion of its new BHS at Istanbul New Airport
Leonardo to provide complete baggage handling System at Kuwait International Airport
Narita Int. Airport Corporation ordered 20 Smiths Detection high-speed CTX 9800 DSi explosives detection systems
Belgium’s GAC&E and Brussels Airport recently inaugurated the new Z Backscatter Van at the airport
Three Oshkosh® Striker® 6 X 6 ARFF vehicles delivered to Kotoka International Airport
Unilode Aviation Solutions moved its ULD and galley cart repair centre into larger facility
Tronair Inc. as announced the acquisition of Malabar and DAE
Daifuku ELS awarded Baggage Handling System O&M Contract at Cleveland Hopkins Airport
Next generation of SmartGates will lead to contactless processing for int. travellers at Australia’s airports
Alstef commissioned baggage handling system at Lyon–Saint Exupéry Airport
US TSA approved Smiths Detection’s IONSCAN 600 on its Air Cargo Screening Technology List
Auckland Airport will trial new biosecurity X-ray machine in summer 2018
LAWA and US TSA have unveiled the first five automated screening lanes at LA International Airport
San Jose International Airport selected Proterra to supply 10 battery-electric transit buses
MHI-TES received order for five PBBs from Miyazaki Airport Building Co.
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands ordered 13 new crash tender fire engines
KLM awarded TLD with contract to replace its lower deck loader fleet
Xovis won competitive tender to equip boarding pass and security checkpoints at London Luton Airport
SITA completed installation of self-service and common-use systems at Cancun International Airport
OCEM Airfield Technology been selected by Aéroports de Paris (AdP)
New Tempest simulator training lab at Philadelphia International Airport
Bulmor unveiled compact FrontBull Ambulift for regional and small airports
Kansas City International Airport received four battery-electric 30-ft long buses from BYD Motor Inc
Redex S A selected ADB Safegate for Fraport’s 14 regional airports in Greece
Two main airports in the Maldives deployed Rockwell Collins' ARINC vMUSE
Five-year contract for Carrollton at Pensacola International Airport (PNS), FL
SITA to deliver airport, passenger, and baggage processing solutions to Istanbul New Airport
Hong Kong International Airport entered agreement with Amadeus
Inter airport Europe 2017 ended with record visitor numbers
‘Virtual Aquarium’ at Dubai International Airport
Safran Landing Systems and Thales signed memorandum of understanding (MoU)
Vestergaard Company announced the award of 12 BETA NG units for Integrated Deicing Services
The Carlyle Group has acquired ADB SAFEGATE
ADELTE to install 11 new passenger boarding bridges at Manchester Airport
Schiphol Airport and CIMC-TianDa signed contract for the development of a robotic passenger bridge
New passenger boarding bridges for Brussels Airport
Materna expanded its range self-service bag drop solutions with the new Drop.Go model
Beumer Group to install the first ICS for baggage handling at San Francisco International Airport
Panasonic and biometrics firm Tascent have entered into a strategic partnership
New contract for Smiths Detection to supply its advanced hold baggage scanner to Frankfurt Airport
British Airways introduced remotely-controlled devices at LHR to push back its Airbus short-haul aircraft
Honeywell secured a new multi-year upgrade contract at Kuala Lumpur International Airport
12 airports in India to receive PBBs from Adelte
Hamad International Airport signed memorandum of understanding with Sita
Vanderlande to implement innovative baggage handling system at Lelystad Airport
Successful biometric exit trial for JetBlue flights at Boston’s Logan International Airport
Tonga Airports Limited at Fua’amotu International Airport received new security equipment
Vision-Box has launched The Seamless Totem™
Stertil-Koni's DIAMONDLIFT has been selected for use at Chicago O'Hare International Airport
Belfast and Shannon Airport to receive Rosenbauer UK’s airfield firefighting vehicles
Bermuda’s LF Wade Airport to receive elevators & escalators from Bermuda Elevator Systems
Tricopian expanded its kiosk network at Raleigh–Durham and Washington Dulles Airport
New real-time trolley supply monitoring system developedat the Chinese University of Hong Kong
New contract for Beumer Group at Arlanda Airport
Intensiv training for Customs Officers of the Liberia Revenue Authority at ROB in Monrovia
Since 2013, the European Commission has been working on the ‘Smart Borders’ project
TSA completed installation of automated security lanes in Terminal 3 at Las Vegas McCarran Airport
Goldhofer will present its Sherpa baggage and cargo tow tractor at inter airport Europe
Dnata ramped up recycling programme in both of its Dubai airport hubs
TCR Group announced acquisition of Emerge Engineering & Maintenance
Ethiopian Airports Enterprise deployed ADB Safegate's A-VDGS at Addis Ababa Bole Airport
Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics contracted by Fraport Greece
10-year contract for BEUMER Group at Calgary International Airport
Full-body scanners installed at Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad Airports
New Express Security Check facility at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
Facial recognition biometric exit technology at Chicago O’Hare International Airport
TNA Aviation Technologies announced the release of the TowFLEXX 5-Series HD Heavy Duty
Israel’s IAI as won the Aviation Challenge 1 programme (AC1) at Changi Airport
Proterra to supply four zero-emission electric buses to Raleigh-Durham Airport
London Stansted Airport added new Scania-based combination sweeper to its fleet
New BHS contract for BEUMER Group with Shanghai Pudong International Airport
Robots cleaning Terminal 4 at Singapore Changi Airport
New security measures for international airports in the Czech Republic
Smiths Detection to deliver nine units of its hold baggage EDS to Domodedovo Int. Airport
Emergency services equipment firm Rosenbauer is to supply four airport fire trucks to Gibraltar Airport
Trial run of colour-coded baggage management system at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
Vanderlande was selected by Split Airport to supply new baggage handling system
Stanley Robotics to install its robotic parking valet system at Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport
Birmingham Airport implemented new self-service bag-drop solution from Rockwell Collins
Lanseria International Airport invested in new self-service bag-drop technology from SITA
New baggage platform for Denver International Airport
Approval for Vanderlande's Scannojet solution and Advanced Passenger Checkpoints
Smiths Detection LLC announced second contract with London Gatwick Airport
Safran Landing Systems and CAEES have signed a memorandum of understanding
Emirates Airline is looking into a self-driving GSE fleet
Airbus selected again Cavotec to supply innovative in-ground utility systems
SATCO has been awarded a contract by Riyard's King Khalid Int. Airport
OMK supplied their TRAX System to Bahrain International Airport
IATA and Airlines for America launched year-long global campaign
Nine glass-walled PBBs installed at Maiquetía Simón Bolívar International Airport
Cavotec is supporting its customers to retrofit Cavotec hydrant pit systems
ADB Safegate to upgrade Tamale Airport in Ghana
Vanderlande officially launched its new manufacturing and distribution centre in Acworth
SITA showcased its advanced baggage robot ‘Leo’ at Mexico City International Airport (MEX)
Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics received renewed contract at Madrid-Barajas Airport
Vanderlande acquired Optosecurity
L3 Technologies announced that its ClearScan™ achieved ECAC-EU C2 Standard under ECAC’s testing programme
Thales and SITA to provide security and operations management system for Bahrain Int. Airport
El Al Airlines acquired 11 additional CTX 5800 explosives detection systems (EDS) from Smiths Detection
ICAO started reviewing laptop and other portable/PEDs restrictions onboard airlines
TSA installed state-of-the-art security checkpoint screening technology at six airports in Minnesota
Optosecurity and Vanderlande’s ASL system approved by US TSA
AeroVironment launched patent-pending advanced version of ConnectRx™
JBT Corporation signed agreement for the acquisition of Aircraft Maintenance Support Services (AMSS)
Government of Dubai signed agreement with ObjectTech
Two new automated security screening lanes for JFK Int. Airport
US TSA ordered 26 additional CTX 9800 DSi™ of Smiths Detection
Advanced biometric ABC infrastructure system for Soekarno-Hatta Intern. Airport
New LED lighting system for Vancouver International Airport's airfield
Korea Airports Corporation selected ARINC vMUSE™ for all 14 domestic airports
‘Sleep ‘n fly lounge’ launched at Dubai International Airport’s (DXB) Terminal 3
TENDERS issued by Cochin International Airport Limited
Smiths Detection to supply and service nine high-speed CTX 9800 DSi at Gatwick Airport
Clariant and Huntsman Corporation to combine in a merger of equals
IAI’s TaxiBot has been certified for commercial use on all members of the Airbus A320 family
Toyota Industries Corporation officially completed the acquisition of Vanderlande
GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd converted 75% of its conventional lights to LEDs
Ground Support Specialist LLC secured USD 7 million contract with major airline
Delta Air Lines is introducing four self-service bag drop machines at Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport
Rockwell Collins to deploy its ARINC vMUSE at 14 airports across South Korea
Dubai Airports reported passenger wait times dropped by as much as 10%
SITA ControlBridge to be implemented at Juan Santamaria International Airport
Vision-Box has announced a new integrated Biometric Exit solution
L3 received order or 24 MV3D Hold Baggage Explosives Detection Systems for Istanbul New Airport
Luton Airport, Menzies and Swissport and TCR announced initiative for collective pooling of airside equipment
Tulsa Int. Airport completed deployment of two PowerPost electric vehicle charging stations
Air India SATS Airport Services introduced automated aircraft exterior cleaning service at Indira Gandhi Airport
ADB Safegate to create intelligent airfield solutions for Istanbul New Airport
BEUMER Group will feature live and virtual-reality demonstrations at the Airport Show Dubai 2017
Safran Identity & Security has been selected by the Sultanate of Oman
PortsToronto opened its Ground Run-up Enclosure at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport
102 TurboDock EV charging stations to be installed at Atlanta International Airport
Vestergaard bought significant share in Kalmar, Sweden-based Kalmar Motor AB
Automated robots to carry passengers’ luggage trialed at Fukuoka Airport
New digital flight information display board unveiled at JFK Int. Airport NY
Stuttgart Airport installed self-service bag drop system from SITA
BA launched new self-service boarding gates at London Heathrow Airport
Nexus signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Xybase
Vancouver International Airport expanded its self-serve border control solution
Screening rate of up to 1,000 people/hr achieved with ThruVis public safety solution
AUD 2.8 million trial of driverless shuttles begun at Adelaide Airport
Nine custom-designed Nixel Series™ LED displays in Canada’s three busiest airports
Larnaca International Airport is upgrading its services
USD 52 million project awarded to PCL Construction Services Inc.
Rockwell Collins’ touchless T-Series bag drop solution installed at Luton Airport
Toyota Industries Corporation announced the acquisition of Vanderlande
SITA announced the formation of the Secure Journeys Working Group
Safran Identity & Security announced framework agreement with Manchester Airports Group
Sabiha Gokcen Airport to invite tenders in April 2017 for construction of passenger boarding bridges
IGA Airports Construction in Turkey signed agreement with technology developer Honeywell
Tronair Inc. announced the acquisition of Quality Products Inc.
New BEUMER autoca® carriers launched
BLIP Systems' BLIPTrack queue management technology introduced at Birmingham Airport
Smiths Detection to deploy first ever Smart Security Checkpoint at Kansai Int. Airport
Finavia acquired three new sweeper & blower vehicles for Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
Breakthrough order for Cavotec for Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport
Dubai Airports plans to introduce new baggage rule to help improve service
Rockwell Collins’ ARINC vMUSE implemented at Tancredo Neves International Airport
APCOA in new partnership with POD Point
Vanderlande to install eight SCANNOJET at Bergen Airport Flesland
Major order for Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport
Kentec safety system is being installed at Bergen Flesland Int. Airport
ISO Certification for Cryotech Deicing Technology
Oshkosh Striker 8 X 8 to be displayed at 2017 Fire Department Instructors Conference
ADB SAFEGATE showcased its integrated airport solutions at Inter Airport SEA in Singapore
Cavotec secured significant orders to supply major airports in UAE, UK and US
Honeywell International secured contract at Singapore Changi Airport
INFORM’s GroundStar implemented at LATAM in Brazil and Chile
SPPAL to continue maintaining BHS at Mexico City Int. Airport
Vanderlande's 'Closing the Loop' project at Eindhoven Airport
Global GSRM now using Hitit’s departure control system at Frankfurt and Munich Airports
Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System to be installed at major US airport
Biometric data activation centre for e-Gate users at Hamad International Airport in Doha
US FAA accepted certification plans for WheelTug aircraft electric drive system
JBT and KBY Software installed Tempest de-icer simulators at Denver and Philadelphia International Airport
New orders for Cavotec for its innovative aircraft ground support systems
New Vision-Box ABC eGates installed at Princess Juliana International Airport
Calgary International Airport's new intern. terminal begun operations with ramp assistance powered by ADB SAFEGATE
Finnish firm Kone wins contract to supply lifts and escalators for new passenger terminal building at Bahrain Int. Airport
Safran announced its CTX 9800 achieved Standard 3 endorsement from ECAC
Cairo International Airport set to receive biometric equipment to better track airport staff
Tri-Cities Airport (TRI), Blountville, TN, is first in region to use electric GSE
Triton GSE Inc. and PAGE Industries Inc. signed global distribution agreement
24 Striker ARFF vehicle order for Oshkosh from PANYNJ
Cavotec SA's new organisational structure entered into effect on 1 January 2017
New line-up of intelligent robots shown by LG Electronics at CES in Las Vegas
SITA’s Scan&Fly bag drop units introduced at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport
Morpho Australasia completed installation of eGates at Christchurch Airport in New Zealand
Five-year contract for Global Aviation Services with Delta Air Lines
Kruckeberg Industries has entered into a Management Agreement with Stinar Corporation
Air New Zealand installed first of its new biometric technology-enabled self-service bag drops at Auckland Airport
Rockwell Collins’ ARINC LocalCheck implemented by Falcon Aviations
Queue and flow management solution by BLIP Systems implemented at Bristol Airport
Robson Handling Technology deliver Baggage Reclaim Facility project at London Heathrow Airport early
EC is proposing to establish European Travel Information and Authorisation System
L-3 Communications announced the acquisition of MacDonald Humfrey
Digital Barriers secured contract with US Transportation Security Administration
Cavotec won a number orders for its innovative aircraft ground support systems
ALSTEF to install new baggage reclaim carousels at Quebec City Jean Lesage Airport
SPPAL extended and enhanced entire tray portfolio for baggage handling systems
SITA to provide new technology at Adelaide Airport
Smiths Detection launched new online hub for the aviation sector
Two new scanning devices for hand baggage tested at Schiphol Airport
150 vehicle-mounted ERA Company SQUID transmitters for Henri Coanda International Airport
Kubota Engine America Corp. introduces its WG series
JBT to supply gate equipment to Salt Lake City International Airport
Mineta San Jose International Airport unveiled its new customer service agents
Rockwell Collins to replace current check-in technology in T7 at New York JFK Int. Airport
Intelligent queue management technology from SITA at Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport
Vanderlande to design and install new baggage handling systems at Moscow Domodedovo Airport
Smiths Detection to supply hold-baggage screening equipment for the newly built Berlin Brandenburg Airport
Textron Specialised Vehicles Inc. acquired the assets of Safeaero i Trelleborg AB
EPIC Fuels is expanding its capabilities by offering ground fuels
OCEM Airfield Technology is to provide full airfield lighting solutions to Tuzla International Airport
Golden Gate Capital acquired aircraft GSE provider Tronair Parent Inc.
HMI Technologies to conduct first trial of fully autonomous electric vehicle at Christchurch International Airport
Three work lots of Gatwick Airport's baggage framework contract awarded to SPPAL
EDS Retrofit contract for Daifuku Airport Technologies
Materna delivered new self-service bag drop installation for Toronto Pearson International Airport
The EC proposed establishment of a single EU certification procedure for aviation security screening equipment
Shannon Airport is the first airport to trial a new pre-clearance concept as part of EU's XP-DITE initiative
CATSA is testing new pre-boarding security checkpoint at Montréal-Trudeau International Airport
Implant Sciences received order from TSA for 1,353 QS-B220 desktop explosive trace detectors
Symetrica announced first shipments of Smiths Detection RadSeeker in the autumn
Fronius developed special housing for its Selectiva GSE battery chargers.
Five-year contract for Babcock to support Qantas Group’s GSE fleet at 60 locations across Australia.
Caribbean Airlines acquired Ultra’s UltraTRAK for its entire network operation
Arconas launched new Morelli bench at ACI North America World Conference and Exhibition in Montreal
ICM Airport Technics signed contract with Changi Airport Group to supply Hybrid ABD units
GBP 19 million contract awarded to Smiths Detection by Falcon Group
Vision-Box completed deployment of SmartGate border control solutions at eight airports across Australia
Sydney Airport unveiled first electric airport bus in use in the country
Turkish Technic purchased two more articulated boom lifts from Haulotte distributor Acarlar Makine
ICM Airport Technics signed contract with Changi Airport Group
Materna GmbH, a leading company for automated bag drop products
Abu Dhabi Airports deployed new automated tray return system
Vast majority of bags make their way back to travellers
Beumer Latinoamericana Equipamentos complete BHS refurbishment contract at Tom Jobim
Innovative integrated Border Control solution at Montevideo’s Carrasco International Airport
New Automated Tray Return System (ATRS) installed at Abu Dhabi International Airport
Hermes Airports is to outsource part of the airports’ security operations to private contractors
Federal grant for Los Angeles International Airport
Foreign object debris detection system to be installed at Noi Bai and Tan Son Nhat International Airports
New Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) station opened at Hilo International Airport
365 Wanzl Travel 300 luggage trolleys at Liverpool John Lennon Airport
Parsons-Odebrecht Joint Venture to construct baggage handling system improvements at Miami International Airport
Vision-Box has expanded number of countries eligible to use its RAPID4ALL self-service border clearance solution
LASE PeCo Systemtechnik commissioned laser-based clearance test system to identify foreign objects on apron at CGN
Tennessee Valley Authority announced partnership with four Valley airports together with Federal Express
OMK Design secured four more contracts in Egypt with new compact seating system, FLITE
10,000 new power sockets at Denver International Airport
Better quality of assistance to persons with reduced mobility (PRM) required at UK airports
Rockwell Collins to deliver its first mobile common use check-in platform to Indira Gandhi International Airport
Parsons-Odebrecht Joint Venture to construct baggage handling system improvements at Miami International Airport
Dnata reached agreement to purchase a majority stake in Air Dispatch
Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) entered partnership with Wipro
United Airlines and the TSA to modernise the airport security experience at several of the airline’s largest hubs
JetBlue unveiled new state-of-the-art self-service lobby at John F Kennedy International Airport, NY.
Rockwell Collins together with deploy two major self-service bag drop zones at Dublin Airport
New contract for Siemens Postal, Parcel and Airport Logistics (SPPAL) at London Gatwick Airport
TSA collaborated with American Airlines to implement new screening technology at selected American Airlines hubs
Five Star Airport Alliance Inc. announced successful management buyout
Balfour Beatty has been awarded a GBP 170 million contract by London Heathrow Airport
Plans to deploy robots to handle baggage at Incheon International Airport
Calicut International Airport in Kerala commissioned in-line baggage handling system (ILBHS)
Beumer Corporation awarded design and build contract at San Francisco Airport
62 new self-service kiosks at Dublin Airport
Facial recognition technology tested on outbound international passengers at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport installed innovative anti-intrusion solution for its baggage handling system
Rio Galeão International Airport to make use of new biometric border control solution
Magnetic MRO signed exclusive engine stands distribution agreement with Rotafilo.
Clariant and Kilfrost announced termination of acquisition agreement
New equipment to reduce carbon emissions at Manchester Airport
BETA Fuelling Systems completed production of the world’s most advanced hydrant dispenser
Dublin Airport won Accessible Airport Award
AirIT to implement an airport-specific property and revenue management software system at San Antonio International Airport (SAT)
SITA has said that 300 airports in more than 100 countries across the world are now equipped with SITA AirportHub™
Eligible travellers arriving at Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC), CA, can now use the free Mobile Passport Control (MPC) app for expedited security
JBT Corporation has been awarded a multi-year, multi-phased contract for the supply of gate equipment to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, GA
Narita International Airport has introduced two chemical fire engines featuring a flexible, extendable deluge gun that can reach fires high up
NCR Corporation has partnered with indoor map developer Visioglobe to create a state-of-the-art wayfinding solution
Airport trolley manufacturer, Wanzl, has enjoyed a flying start to 2016
All airline passengers will soon be able to check-in on their smartphones and use permanent luggage tags, according to Star Alliance CEO, Mark Schwab
Analogic unveiled its latest generation checkpoint CT scanner for screening carry-on items at airports
Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport to install 27 electric charging stations
72-Volt Flux Battery Pack to power electric aviation ground support equipment
Driverless electric shuttles possible for Middle East Airports
Sita trials new baggage robot at Geneva Airport
Beumer Corp. acquired Glidepath LLC
Six self-service check-in kiosks installed at Bahrain International Airport
NEC partnered with Unisys to implement its facial comparison technology at New York JFK Airport
Three resolutions on safety and security have been adopted at 11th ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly
Vanderlande to supply 160 innovative STACK@EASE manual loading aids to Hong Kong International Airport
3i Infrastructure partnered with Deutsche Asset Management to invest EUR 200 million in TCR
Premier Engineering & Manufacturing Inc. acquired by Textron Specialised Vehicles Inc.
Cognex unveiled first image-based automatic tag reader system
Airline industry’s focus on improving baggage management is showing positive results
Six self-service check-in kiosks installed at Bahrain International Airport
Changi Airport Group is conducting trials on new security screening technologies
Passenger details kept on on file for five years
Vision Box installed ABC eGate solution at Curaçao International Airport
Smith Group PLC to buy Morpho Detection from France's Safran SA
Cork Airport in Ireland installed new passenger boarding bridge
Hong Kong Airline to install new self-service bag-drop kiosks at Hong Kong International Airport
Bombardier Transportation's Innovia APM 300 at Munich Airport
Rockwell Collins to implement CUPPS at New Zealand's three largest airports
Project to upgrade protection of Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague to finish in 2016
American Science and Engineering to deliver comprehensive detection solution to AL Najaf Airport
Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport to replace passenger boarding bridges
Plug Power to adapt its image and rebrand
Berlin Schönefeld Airport to install Rockwell Collins’ ARINC CUPPS solution
Siemens supplies state-of-the-art baggage handling system to Guangzhou Airport
New York JFK Airport begun using facial recognition technology with the core biometric technology provided by Vision-Box
Changi Airport Group selected security solutions specialist Morpho to supply biometric boarding solution
Four new electric baggage tractors for Riga International Airport in Latvia
Oshkosh Airport Products delivered Striker aircraft rescue and fire-fighting vehicle to Jean Lesage Airport in Quebec
Lufthansa will speed up repatriation of bags to passengers after it launches baggage tracing technology jointly developed with SITA.
Beumer Latinoamericana Equipamentos has been awarded second operation and maintenance contract at Viracopos Airport
Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics to expand BHS at Bangalore International Airport
BEUMER Group has been awarded contract for automated baggage transportation system at Sheremetyevo Airport
ALSTEF to supply BHS for new Terminal B in Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport
ACI has signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) with ICAO
OmniServ has been awarded a three-year contract at Edinburgh Airport
TBD (Owen Holland) is investing GBP 300,000 in new product line
Oshkosh delivered 17 Striker aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicles to airports in Mexico
Japanese Government donates equipment worth about USD 2.1 million to help rehabilitate Tacloban Airport
New personal transport system for Munich Airport
Siemens receives two comprehensive service contracts at Kuala Lumpur International Airport
New five-year contract awarded to Enova
SPPAL received order to provide enhancements to CBIS at Houston William P Hobby Airport
Morpho Detection won contract to supply Cornwall Airport Newquay
Biral’s ALS–2 Ambient Light Sensor just received design enhancement
QP has awarded EPIC Contract to supply jet fuel transported from Ras Laffan Industrial City to HIA in Doha
PT Gapura introduced new equipment to upgrade its services
Controp together with Pharovision to develop and market new aviation safety system
Satair to sell Dedienne's GSE product line throughout the Middle East, Europe and selected countries in southern Asia
JAL and NRI have been trialling new service robot at Haneda Airport in Tokyo
Avinor to install a series of new security lane solutions at Oslo Airport
Smiths Detection Inc. to supply RIIDs with Symetrica’s Discovery Technology to US
Arab Air Carriers Organization inspection team to arrive in Khartoum, Sudan, in April 2016
Shenzhen CIMC TIANDA Airport Support LTD to install 25 passenger boarding bridges at Bahrain International Airport
WiGig Spot experimental demonstration by Panasonic Corporation and Narita International Airport
ALSTEF to supply BHS for new Terminal B in Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport
Vanderlande has been awarded BHS contract at Bahrain International Airport
16 international airlines signed four-year agreement with Unisys Corporation
Frequentis Group acquired assets and projects of Germany’s Comsoft
Vision-Box installed latest automated border control e-Gate systems at Viracopos International Airport
Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and Etihad Cargo announced new design for air cargo container
Nashville International Airport awarded JBT AeroTech contract to supply new passenger boarding bridges
Narita International Airport expanded contract with Rockwell Collins
Materna Group acquired Norway’s DSG Bagdrop AS
BEUMER Group UK has been awarded contract at Scotland’s Glasgow Airport
Researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for FHR are developing new 3D image suit
Abu Dhabi Airports installed first three passenger boarding bridges in the new Midfield Terminal Building
London Heathrow Airport is set to install an additional 135 charging points for electric vehicles
Singapore Changi Airport unveiled way to ensure that no traveller has to go without luggage trolley
Sharjah Aviation Services introduces new automated baggage management and communication systems at Sharjah Int. Airport
Etihad Airways announced agreement with UK-based Luggage Logistics
Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) offers e-boarding facility to domestic fliers
US-based IMSC delivered first shipment of QS-B220 desktop ETDs to several US airports
Liquid Controls LLC announced acquisition of Avery-Hardoll metering product line
Tronair announced acquisition of Eagle Tugs, based in Taylor, MI
Lektro Inc. showed off its new diesel/electric hybrid at NBAA's convention in November 2015.
Papua New Guinea Government invests in nine state-of-the-art fire trucks
DFW Int. Airport selects Adacel to re-host driver training simulator systems
SITA unveiled new passenger services in collaboration with Virgin Australia
Vanderlande is implementing SCANNOJET at Melbourne Airport in Australia
Swiss-based Kaba installed latest exit-lane technology at Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport, VA
ICAO decided to review aviation security measures at airports
AEA welcomed the announcement by the EC on the conclusion of a One Stop Security agreement with Canada
Port of Seattle unveiled new debris detection technology at Sea-Tac Airport, WA
JBT Corporation and Aircraft Maintenance Support Services (AMSS) announced multi-year cooperation agreement
NEC and Parity Aviation partnered with London Heathrow Airport’s Innovation Team to introduce new generation of MDUs
Government of New Zealand installed nine new SmartGates at Auckland Airport
Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) selected Siemens’ technology to upgrade its baggage handling system
UK government increases aviation security funding in the wake recent terror attacks in North Africa and France
Paris CDG and Orly airports to acquire RTT® 110 explosives detection system
Clariant acquires Kilfrost’s aircraft de-icing business in Europe
Goldhofer and Schopf jointly release the fourth generation AST-2 tractor, codenamed Phoenix
KLM Equipment Services and Ctrack to develop and implement an advanced telematics and employee identification solution at Amsterdam Schiphol
TNA announced the North American release of the Flyer-Truck® C-Series electrical aircraft tow tug
Materna launches prototype of new self-service kiosk for automated baggage drop
Abu Dhabi Airport first in the region to introduce automated traveller document authentication system
Siemens modernizes & expands BHS in T1 at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
Self-service check-in now available at all major Chinese airports
I-SEC Deutsche Luftsicherheit takes over passenger security screening in T1B at Frankfurt Airport
Daon successfully deploys biometric pre-clearance system at Dublin Airport
BEUMER introduces solutions to prevent tilt-tray sorter stoppages caused by loose items and bag straps
OCEM Airfield Technology installs remote-monitoring LED lighting at Rome Fiumicino Airport
More electric-powered vehicles from Mulag for Frankfurt Airport
TCR in GSE fleet sale and leaseback deal with SAS at Copenhagen Airport
San Diego International Airport contracts Siemens for BHS operations and maintenance
Oslo Airport acquires security surveillance solution by Qognify for T2
Vestergaard presented the DTS dashboard and the new de-icing training simulator
Phoenix high-speed aircraft tow tractor introduced by Goldhofer and Schopf
FAST Global Solutions announced new side-tow European Dolly
Semmco rolls out new Wheel and Brake Changer
Frankfurt International Airport opens first Green Gate
Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines buys 36 Oshkosh Striker fire trucks
Schindler Elevator Corporation sells mobility solutions to Tampa Airport
Aéroports de Lyon awards BHS contract to ALSTEF
Smiths Detection launches compact HI-SCAN 6040C checkpoint scanner
New ground power unit introduced by Cavotec
Clariant demonstrates reliable and sustainable solutions for safer aircraft winter operations
New pit system for airport under-floor supply units introduced by Moser Systemelektrik
inter airport Europe 2015 racks up another record, announces innovation awards
Unitechnik automatic baggage handling system for EasyJet at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport
Øveraasen TV1000 purpose-built airport snow blower gets powerful Volvo Penta engine
Vestergaard sells six new Elephant® MY de-icers to Japan Airlines
Abu Dhabi Airport signs up ADB to design, construct, operate, and maintain airfield lighting systems
New Islamabad International Airport gets ADELTE’s complete boarding solution
Dubai Airports contracts Siemens for BHS operation and maintenance services
Beumer’s new TrayDeck BHS solution reduces tilt-tray sorter stoppages
Crisplant bags Calgary Airport contract for a second CrisBag tote-based BHS
Morpho Detection wins contract for explosives trace detectors in Portugal
Crisplant will feature live demonstrations of BHS innovations at inter airport Europe 2015
Vancouver Airport Authority upgrades BorderXpress kiosks at Atlanta Airport
WASP changes name to FAST Global Solutions
Wanzl luggage trolleys sold to Asian airports
Hong Kong Airport to deploy 120 common use self-service bag drop systems
London Luton Airport looks for new passenger wayfinding strategy
Crisplant solves BHS installation challenge at Düsseldorf Airport
DATA MODUL AG will show latest innovations of its CONRAC brand at inter airport Europe 2015
Dallmeier will present the latest in video security solutions at inter airport Europe 2015
Avlite Systems will exhibit next generation Solar Portable Airfield Lighting System trailers at inter airport Europe 2015
Goldhofer to showcase new high-speed tow tractor at inter airport Europe 2015
Swiss airports begin new explosives detection check
Oman selects Thales for integrated security solution in Muscat and Salalah airports
Copenhagen Airport buys 30 desktop ETD from Morpho Detection
Vanderlande completes BHS for new King Abdul Aziz International Airport
New BHS completes successful test at Munich Airport’s T2 and satellite facilities
Amsterdam Airport tests Advanced Optical Systems’ fingerprint sensor device to expedite security process
Implant Sciences wins contract to supply desktop explosives trace detectors to airports in Romania
TSA orders security technologies from Lockheed Martin for all airports in the US western region
Indra deploys automatic border control biometric systems at five airports across Spain
Hyderabad Airport first airport in India approved for of end-to-end e-boarding
Portland Airport has installed the largest number of electric vehicle charging stations at any airport in the US
TRANSNORM receives order for 264 curved belt conveyors from Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport
JBT introduces the latest Jetpower® product
Siemens installs check-in facilities at London Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal
Strategic partnership formed by INFORM, COST AVIATION and GrayMatter Software Services
US Customs and Border Protection will collect biometric and biographic information of foreign travellers
Luggage delivery service provider AirPortr launched operations at London Gatwick Airport
Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport to get new BHS from Alstef and Crisplant
London Heathrow Airport’s largest Airbus A380 arrivals BHS has been completed
Singapore will develop prototypes to mechanize handling of baggage and cargo
Heathrow Airport to install new system that provides power to aircraft at the terminal
Jacksonville Airport to renovate its baggage-screening and handling system
Bengaluru Airport first in India to trial e-Gates
CATSA orders five CTX™ explosives detection systems from Morpho Detection
NEC’s NeoFace Watch facial recognition technology to be installed at 14 airports in Brazil
EasyGO project expanded by 10 eGates at Prague Václav Havel Airport
Munich Airport receives Medical High Loader to assist passengers with reduced mobility
Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport selects Alstef as BHS supplier for new T1
Global Ground Support sells 78 de-icing vehicles to American Airlines
Jervis B. Webb Company improves energy efficiency of baggage handling conveyors
Self-bag drop facilities expanded at Geneva Airport
Japan to introduce full-body scanners at airport security checkpoints
L-3 Communications has developed a high-throughput EDS for enhancing screening procedures at airports
Morpho Detection explosives detection systems destined for Mexican airports
InterSystems upgrades FIDS at airport in Western Australia
ADELTE sells aircraft boarding equipment to Pakistan
Mactan Cebu Airport buys ARINC airport solutions to improve passenger services
Japan Airport Terminal to introduce robot technology at the Haneda Airport
Cavotec wins orders for its aircraft servicing systems worldwide
Pakistan launches the country’s first integrated security system at Lahore Airport
Mice to be trained to detect explosives at airport security checkpoints
Morpho Detection receives order from TSA for explosives detection systems
ADEC Technologies to show next generation tracking and counting system at Inter Airport Europe
Ultra Electronics Airport Systems and Materna GmbH strengthen partnership
Copenhagen Airport unveils digital wall for passenger information
FedEx conducting tests with hydrogen fuel cell-powered GSE
Toronto Airport buys baggage handling technology from Jervis B. Webb Company
Aruba gets Happy Flow fully automated passenger departure process from Vision-Box
Lisbon Airport is trialling the European Commission Smart Borders programme
HABCO Industries becomes authorized repair and overhaul supplier for Honeywell GSE
ADELTE sells 18 new glass-sided ‘Apron Drive’ boarding bridges to Pakistan
Heathrow Airport’s hold baggage screening system adds Remote Condition Monitoring
CrisBag baggage sortation system boosts handling capacity at Canada’s Halifax Airport
Abu Dhabi Airports puts new BHS from Siemens into service at T1 and T3
Alstef wins first contract in Russia for baggage control and handling system
Iberia Airport Services wins 17 licences to supply handling services to Spanish airports
Universal Aviation to provide supervisory ground handling in Morocco and Ethiopia
Munich Airport’s ground handling subsidiary wins business at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport
Belgium buys 20 QS-B220 desktop explosives trace detectors from Implant Sciences Corp.
Continental rolls out new solid tire for GSE
Incheon International Airport Company installs self-bag drop system from Type22
JFK acquires voice and data services for airport ground support staff
Abu Dhabi International Airport awards airport management solutions contract to SITA
London Gatwick Airport upgrades access control and security management system
Vision-Box to install 92 facial recognition terminals at Australia’s international airports
Innovative electronic bag tag solution introduced by DS Tags
Air India SATS Airport Services invests $9 million in new GSE at Delhi Airport
Chongqing Jiangbei Airport in China buys 264 curved conveyor belt systems from Transnorm
Virtual Assistants from Tensator help departing passengers with security at London Luton Airport
Vanderlande sells BHS to Medina Airport
Tefé Airport in Brazil buys Beumer’s automated BHS
India’s Coimbatore Airport invests in boarding bridges
Telos to provide background checks for airport workers at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Smiths Detection will upgrade London Luton Airport’s security screening systems
US Department of Homeland Security tightens screening requirements for airport staff
Siemens completes simulation of baggage screening system at Gatwick Airport
Rapiscan Systems scores major contract from Rome Leonardo da Vinci Airport for explosives detection systems
JBT sells USD 10 million worth of GSE to US carrier
Aéroports de Montréal contracts Alstef for baggage screening equipment
FedEx rolls out world’s first zero emissions, hydrogen fuel cell GSE
Vanderlande acquires Dinamic Industrial Business for expanded product line
Comsoft completes regional VSAT network for Americas
Jakarta’s airport selects Synectics’ Synergy 3 security and safety management solution
Morpho Detection sells 45 CTX 9800 DSi™ explosives detection systems to Heathrow Airport
Abu Dhabi Airport acquires Smiths Detection’s baggage screening system
New bio-based propylene glycol de-icing fluids for North American market
EuroAirport orders baggage sorting system from ALSTEF
Belo Horizonte Airport buys Airport Management System from Ultra Electronics
AirIT wins Charlotte Airport for its virtualized platform technology
Australia approves Morpho Detection’s desktop explosives trace detector
Smiths Detection sells baggage screening systems to Abu Dhabi Airports
Incheon Airport orders 62 Pre-Conditioned Air units from ADELTE
ICM Airport Technics introduces its Auto Bag Drop technology at CDG
Geneva Airport puts multi-sorting baggage handling system into operation
SITA’s BagJourney provides precise baggage tracking
Vanderlande to supply baggage handling system to Changi Airport T1
Dutch Caribbean island airports get ADB Airfield Solutions airside lighting upgrades
Siemens Logistics and Airport Solutions (LAS) has acquired software specialist AXIT AG
BETA Fueling Systems has unveils latest hydrant dispensers
GEN3 runway de-icer by LNT Solutions ordered by Leeds Bradford Airport
Vanderlande delivers BHS at Nanning Wuxu Airport in China
Crisplant prepares to upgrade BHS at LHR
ICM installs 20 Auto Bag Drop kiosks at CDG
TLD expands new factory in China
Cavotec’s meets success with its innovative sub-freezing DX-Boost PCA technology
Abu Dhabi Airport operates new BHS from Siemens
Sydney Airport buys self-service bag drop units from ICM Airport Technics
Bridge Technology and IRIS enter into partnership in the airport ground transport and security sectors
Germany orders over 100 security scanners from L-3 SDS
TSA approves L-3’s MV3D explosives detection system
Finavia Corporation to continue its support for Ultra Electronics’ CUPPS
Materna to unveil its latest self-service bag-drop system
SITA systems help improve passenger experience at Egyptian airport
TaxiBot now in operation by LH LEOS at Frankfurt Airport
Munich Airport to get new CTX 9800 DSi explosives detection system
UAE orders Morpho’s multi-biometric border control systems for 5 airports
Zoeftig succeeds with new luxury airport seating product
Major savings after Richmond Airport converts GSE fleet to CNG
Systems Interface wins airfield lighting contract at Banjul International Airport
Vanderlande wins contract at Heathrow Airport’s T3
Indian Airport to have electronic runway visibility measuring instrument system installed
Dubai (DXB) gets complete LED airfield lighting systems from Honeywell
Dubai World Central features a range of new Smiths Detection equipment
WASP’s commercial towbar and tail-stand product line sold to Tronair Inc.
Clariant takes over Aerochem in aircraft de-icing fluids market
Boston Logan gets new Vanderlande BHS
Safegate acquires Liberty Airport Systems
Douglas Equipment sold to Textron
London Heathrow Airport places major BHS order with Crisplant
Siemens installs BHS at LAX for Southwest Airlines
Indra awarded contract for its Normac ILS in Argentina
Raytheon to upgrade 135 FAA air traffic control centres
Crisplant presents latest BHS technology at Inter Airport SE Asia
Vilnius Airport takes delivery of self-service check-in kiosks from Materna ips
KONE sells elevators, escalators and autowalks to London Gatwick Airport
Incheon Airport awards BHS to Siemens and Korean partner firm
Itemiser® 4DX explosives trace detector from Morpho Detection passes European evaluation
U.S. Customs and Border Protection buys X-ray scanners from Smiths Detection
United Airlines orders custom evaluation battery for next-generation power system
ASIG choses BETA Fueling Systems to supply hydrant dispenser trucks
Xsight Systems improves bird hazard management
RMCI Inc. becomes supplier of the sensor module for the WheelTug E-Taxi system
Smiths Detection introduces screening and detection systems for Middle East airports
New technology for airport security uses high-frequency radio waves
TSA certifies SureScan’s explosives detection system
Barcode and RFID technology makes baggage sorting reliable at Helsinki’s Airport
Tronair partners with Derco Aerospace in military GSE markets
SITA renews network services contract with Gulf Air
I.D. Systems sells AvRamp™ wireless vehicle management system to US airline
Plug Power installs its first GenFuel outdoor hydrogen dispensers at Memphis, Tennessee
Delta Airlines receives ten hydrant dispenser trucks from BETA Fueling Systems
Halifax Airport wins award for its self-service baggage drop system
First European-built explosives trace detection instrument passes ECAC testing
JetBlue unveils automated passport control kiosks at JFK
Larnaka International Airport installs automatic-electronic gates
Video projection avatars assist passengers at San Antonio Airport
BCS Group is selling an 80% stake to Daifuku.
Munich Airport takes delivery of nine Burgdorf airblast sweepers
Air France to test TaxiBot system
Six Oshkosh Global Striker Vehicles sold to Manchester Airport
I.D. Systems to implement its AvRamp wireless GSE management system
Safegate acquires Liberty Airport Systems
Fraport AG buys 45 explosives trace detectors from Morpho Detection
Vestergaard Company has received an order for 18 deicing units from American Airlines
Bahrain Airport Company starts installation of new state-of-the-art passenger boarding bridges
ThyssenKrupp launches ACCEL: will accelerate transit times in cities and airports
More than 50 million passengers across India can now use SITA’s common-use self-service technology to check in
MIA Concessions has installed two bilingual Tensator Virtual Assistants in Miami International Airport’s South Terminal
Excess Baggage Company launches new web-based facility for Heathrow passengers
Airport operator Dubai Airports unveills new smartphone app to help passengers
Qatar’s Hamad International Airport to deploy 64 multimodal eGates
U.S. Homeland Security buys USD 10m worth of equipment from Morpho Detection
LHR deploys scanning technology that allows passengers to bring liquids on aircraft
Charleston Airport buys GSE from JBT AeroTech for USD 7m
Lufthansa LEOS and Kalmar deploy electrically powered eSchlepper tug
Vestergaard to supply 10 BETA NG de-icer trucks for UA in Newark
Crisplant wins Abu Dhabi BHS deal
BCS Airport Systems to complete KLIA2 BHS
Ultra Electronics to supply airport operations and information systems to Brazilian Airport
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport receives financing for central security facility
Runway incursion detection solution for Miami Airport
Crouse-Hinds Airport Lighting increases efficiency for airfield lighting
ADB reached milestone 500,000 LED airfield ground lighting installations
Vladivostok Airport orders ULD handling and storage system from SACO
Vanderlande Industries lands new BHS at Brasília Airport
Westminster Group acquires airport security specialist GXS Aviation
TSA awards sole source contract to L-3 Communications
Embry-Riddle University develops autonomous perimeter patrol system
Dubai Airports signs up G4S for security services
Rosenbauer Panthers for Canada’s Halifax Airport
Fives Cinetic debut at Inter Airport
Crisplant at Inter Airport with live BHS demonstrations
Big growth plans at Logan Teleflex
Vanderlande wins BHS contract for Shanghai Airport
Senstar offers new solutions with perimeter intrusion detection sensors
Oslo’s Gardermoen Airport acquires self-service border control system
Air New Zealand designed tool for handling heavy pax mobility aids
CTI Systems sells additional MRO teleplatform & crane to Asiana
Guam airport buys GSE from JBT AeroTech
Mitsubishi lowers price on its stepless passenger boarding bridges
Service contract awarded for London Heathrow Airport BHS
Faro Airport tests new integrated security system
Smiths Detection’s HI-SCAN 10080 XCT now installed at Bremen Airport
Integrated airfield ground lighting technology part of tower automation system
WheelTug for Icelandair
New electric green taxiing system tested by Honeywell and Safran
Birmingham Airport buys new fire fighting vehicles
Gatwick Airport awards BHS contract to Beumer/Crisplant
Operational trials of Morpho’s SmartGate Plus started in New Zealand
ARINC installs vMUSE Express at two Japanese airports
Saab Aerobahn® De-icing Manager now available
Selex to supply new BHS for Paris Orly Airport
San Francisco International Airport orders Jetway Boarding Bridges
New Global Market Report on BHS releases
Siemens to expand BHS at Munich
New smart gates for Dubai Airport
Sage Parts sets up facility in South Africa
Crisplant to supply BHS link system between LHR T1 & T2
Aviramp offers accessibility boarding ramps
Bids are in for Siemens BHS business
JBT AeroTech sells gate systems to airport in Jeddah
Paris CDG gets modern ATC Voice Communication System
Rapiscan passes European test for explosive screening equipment
Morpho signs MOU with Bahrain Airport on security cooperation
Smiths Detection’s EDS gets TSA approval
Dubai orders more smart e-gates
eBorders coming to Maldives international airports
New LED airfield ground lighting launched by Atg
SITA aims to transform passenger experience at MIA
Infraero purchases 45 desktop explosives trace detection systems from Morpho Detection
Faro Airport part of testing program for state-of-the-art security system
Bremen Airport installs Smiths Detection’s HI-SCAN 10080 XCT
L-3 Security & Detection Systems demonstrates new ProVision® 2 system
Icelandair in line for WheelTug® aircraft drive systems
Honeywell and Safran test their electric green taxiing system
Five new ‘Striker’ fire fighting vehicles for Birmingham Airport
Copenhagen Airport opens refurbished and expanded T2
Crisplant wins Gatwick Airport BHS contract
New landing system to cut noise at Frankfurt Airport
Edinburgh Airport uses face scans to cut security queues
Chinese airport launches mobile check-in service
L-3 meets EU standards with checkpoint security scanners
New Welsh GSE plant opens
New fire trucks for Stansted Airport
Delta Air Lines goes Green with GSE
Iberia’s hub at Madrid gets latest technology for handling services
TSA expands ‘PreCheck’ programme
Canada introduces airport risk assessment system
Laweco launches Green GSE
VISEON Bus drives through insolvency proceedings
American Airlines sells GSE maintenance facility at LHR
Acciona Airport Services utilized mobile communication technology
Calgary Airport commits to ARINC’s support for CUPPS
Virtual Assistant helps Boston Airport Passengers
CATSA orders explosives detection systems for USD 100m
JBT AeroTech lands major order for aircraft deicing vehicles
Adelte installs PBB at El Salvador
Handlers at CPH aim to shorten inbound baggage processing times
Canada’s Halifax Airport buys Crisplant BHS
BHS completed at El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá
Baggage Handling Reliability Improves
New COBUS Apron Buses for US Airports
LHR tests self-boarding system
Further delays for the new Doha Airport
WheelTug builds up order book
Harlan latest tow tractor rolled out
vMUSE™ for Münster-Osnabrück Airport
SITA’s AirportConnect for seven Japanese airports
Chinese company enters BHS market
L&T Construction wins contract to build Abu Dhabi Airport Midfield Terminal Complex
TSA eases restrictions on prohibited items
Narita Airport buys high-speed baggage screening equipment
Perimeter Security Market Report
Auckland Airport Increases Security System
Spirit Airlines introduces electric GSE
Egyptian Airports Install vMUSE™
São Paulo International Airport gets new Vanderlande BHS
New Ground Rules at EU Airports
Automated Border Clearance launched at Toronto Airport
New automated boarding pass scanners in service at CPH
Brazil-bound passengers get mobile check-in service option at LHR
Bio-based de-icing fluid now in use at St. Louis Airport
New aircraft de-icing management system developed by Iberia
Logan Teleflex has upgraded BHSs at 15 airports in Saudi Arabia
New Siemens BHS completed at Miami Airport
Cavotec lands major GSE orders
New tower control display from Barco
smartVISION for remote ATC towers
IATA endorses new ICAO noise standard
Partnership in Airport Real-time Collaboration
Saab Sensis offers improved critical airport status information
Air New Zealand test new GPU
ITM Power get EU approval for high tech fuel cells
New Quito International Airport starts flight ops
‘Flying into the Future’ with new Airport IT
Lufthansa invests in large-scale algae-to-aviation biofuels production facility
New baggage tag system tested in Japan
Goldhofer takes over SCHOPF
KONE wins contract at ATL
New pax processing system completed at Brussels Airport
Quito’s new airport opens on 20 February
Qatar’s new gateway airport to open on 1 April
Major airport upgrade program underway in Brazil
DFW launches new mobile app for passengers
TaxiBot ready to revolutionize aircraft towing
BCS to upgrade BHS at Macau airport
CUSS kiosks for Sri Lankan at CMB
Alstef partners with TAV for BHS design and support
Hong Kong International Airport buys Cavotec GSE
Implant Sciences sells handheld explosives trace detectors to Asian customer
Global Baggage Handling Systems market to grow to USD 30b by 2017
Vanderlande signs final contract for Vancouver Airport BHS
ADB Airfield Solutions partners with FB Technology
Automated People Mover for Orlando Airport
Charlatte GSE in fuel cell retrofit program
Proposal for new off-shore London hub airport
New Berlin Airport opening date continues to slip
Jetway boarding bridges ordered by Oman
Interactive next-generation digital signage introduced by Tensator
Oslo Airport orders KONE elevators
ADB Airfield Solutions wins airfield lighting order from Vietnam
TLD opens new Chinese plant
Passengers support Self-boarding and self-service bag drop services
Business expands for Air India SATS
WFS cleared to buy Aviapartner
AMMS expands GSE plant in Wales
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport orders 40 Container Loading Systems
ADELTE sells PBB to Valencia Airport
Airport Surface Management System for Phoenix Airport
Munich Airport first with Indoor Maps by Google
INFORM IT System helps Finnair – Swissport business transition
Safegate introduces SafeControl–Apron Management
JBT AeroTech sells gate equipment to airport in Baku
Daifuku Webb acquires Elite Line Services LLC from G&T Conveyor Company
U.S. government support for fuel cell GSE conversion
New regulation on ground handling services at EU airports rejected
BEUMER Group acquires Indec Airport Automation
Øveraasen sells snow-clearing units to Warsaw Chopin Airport
Alstef to supply BAGXpress® machines at Paris Orly
Vanderlande wins Operations and Maintenance contract at DFW
Delta Air Lines goes electric with JBT AeroTech Cargo Loaders
New Turbine Washer from Aviation Management International
Spain’s Adelte will Manufacture Apron Drive Boarding Bridges in South Korea
Global Online Trading Place for New and Used GSE Launched
Smart e-Gates for Dubai Airport
‘Checkpoint of the Future’ supported by ICAO
New boarding gate with integrated explosives detection system developed
Las Vegas Airport installs Safegate’s Safedock A-VDGS
Shenzhen Airport gets end-to-end airfield ground lighting solution
Vanderlande Industries introduces Mobile Maintenance Solution
Self-service check-in kiosks rolled out at Warsaw Airport
Daifuku introduces new Baggage Tray System
Changi Airport invests in bag management technology from SITA
ICAO discusses airport security development
TSA running out of space for security checkpoints at US airports
New fire-fighting vehicles for Scottish airports
ADB Airfield Solutions launches range of AD-lights
Cavotec acquires Combibox
Moscow Domodedovo Airport invests in De-icing trucks
Energy-efficient automated BHS from Crisplant
Automated baggage drop-off (ABD) systems for Aéroports de Paris